New team members

New team members

Hello Folks,

I’m Wafi, and I’m 19. I come from a town called Monselice in Italy, although you can guess already by my name, I’m from somewhere else. Thanks to Erasmus+, I get to go to another country for a work internship in Sweden. More precisely, Lund is my workplace.

The internship for me will last one month, and it will help me be more independent. Before coming here, I was studying at the J.F. Kennedy school in the information technologies section, but it’s not that we learn much anyway, so for the most part, I’m a self-learner.

I want to make video games, and actually, I’ve started refining my storytelling and pixel art skills ever since.

The internship will be an excellent opportunity to develop my social skills since, despite being smooth at speaking both English and Italian, I have a hard time socializing with people.

I hope to get the most out of this experience.

Hello everyone,

I’m Federico; I’m 18 years old and from Italy.

I live in a small town called Montegrotto Terme in the province of Padova, in the North of Italy. I studied Information Technology in Highschool, and I’m in my fourth year; my school is in a city called Monselice, which is not very far from my home.

I’m very grateful for gaining the Erasmus+ opportunity, and I hope that with this experience, I can improve my language skills and gain a better working mentality.

I’ve been in Sweden for a few days, and I have already noticed a lot of differences between this country and Italy. I have to say that Sweden is a lot more efficient and more organized, so I like living there.

In conclusion, I hope to make the best out of this experience and work well with everybody.

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