Hello everyone,

I´m Richard, and I´m 21. I come from a tiny village in the center of France, 2 hours south of Paris. By way of Erasmus+, I benefited from a language and work internship in Lund, Sweden, for three months. This internship will help me improve my English level and professional skills. Before coming to Sweden, I obtained a law degree at Orleans University in 2021. I want to work for an NGO to protect human rights and refugees. This internship is a real opportunity for me to discover another culture. Moreover, I have never traveled. This project is also a discovery of myself and what I did. I hope to make myself more mature at the end of these three months and be able to integrate a Master’s in international law or work directly. 

Finally, I hope that this internship will allow me to meet many people from all corners of Europe with cultures, mentality, and traditions different from what I know, which is a chance. So, I expect a lot from this experience, and that’s why I’m motivated and ready to invest myself fully in this internship.

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