New Project Announcement

New Project Announcement

Youth is the future of EU member states. The EU Youth Report stated that young people should be able to grow up in inclusive and pluralistic communities based on European democratic values, the rule of law, and fundamental rights; education, youth participation, interfaith, and intercultural dialogue have a key role to play in preventing radicalization by promoting common European values, fostering social inclusion, and enhancing mutual understanding and tolerance (European Commission, 2015). The YIPPEE project’s overarching goal is to contribute to more equal, intercultural, and inclusive youth local communities through innovative approaches and transnational initiatives. Specific objectives are:

– To deliver an innovative and practical approach to youth work within multicultural communities.

– To bring young Europeans and immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers of the same age, cooperating through peer to peer learning, deepening their critical thinking and creating a sense of belonging.

– To encourage young multicultural communities to become actors of change through local initiatives planned at EU level to tackle discrimination and foster social inclusion.


– Young resident refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. * It is the shared experience of partner organisations that this disadvantaged group can be become more vulnerable to processes which disadvantage them further.

Youth workers, trainers, and teachers will be trained using innovative methodologies, teaching/learning modules, and guidelines to engage the aforementioned target group with European youth to promote creative intercultural teamwork and concretely foster social inclusion.

– Local stakeholders (associations, schools, public authorities, etc.) will also be involved in project’s implementation.

Project Intellectual Outputs will be innovative as they will be created from the perspective of both youth workers and immigrant youth; this will bring to the success of YIPPEE Youth Inclusion Scheme.

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