Never too late for anything

Never too late for anything

Hi I am Zeynep from Turkey. I am studying at Gazi University Department of Statistics. I will work as an intern in Sweden for 2.5 months. I will take part in project evaluation process at IFALL. I have been here 3 weeks. Today I am starting my fourth week. I will talk about what I have been doing for 3 weeks. But first I want to talk briefly about finding a internship place process. It is hard to find an intership place in Europe for the summer time and the universities are not given a grant to Balkans countries in general. You also have to go through long writing processes to do internships at companies. So strictly, you have to make an effort so much for this. I am finally accepted to IFALL in this stressful process.
IFALL was founded in 2013 in south of Sweden, Orkelljunga. IFALL is an NGO aiming at disadvantaged groups that are improving international youth projects and interraction. I participated in a youth project that IFALL organised two years ago. I chose it again as an intership place because I was satisfied. I started my intership at the end of june. The first day in Sweden, I met my friends and room. And we took a ride to town. We went to shopping. In the following days I participated in the activities of evs volunteers. A friend of mine was preparing for the circus show with children. I was helping them, we were spending our time with children on the balls, on the balance board and with the gym equipments. And then I learned to play lacrosse and make handcrafted products from my friends. I was helping to children during the activities. The weekends are holiday. So I was introducing Turkish cuisine to my friends. Manti, Olive bread, Alinazik, and the other handmade breads. I was teaching to my friends and they were tasting to foods.



By the way I found a second job for additional income in Sweden. Because I have not received any fees from Ifall and Sweden is very expensive country. So it was a good opportunity for me. I would clean up and organize the bible school as an assistant. It was a good and different experience for me.

On the my third week I was in caprifolen. It is a big farm but it is for dance, musical and vaulting on horseback. I worked in Caprifolen for a week. We made ready a big circus show. This show was inspiration from the greatest showman movie. It adressed every girls of any age. We worked with disabled people, nonexperienced people, children, athletes etc. I have no experience about circus. I was on the big balls, on horse back, on the big stage, under the colorful lights for a week. It was amazing, I learned that everyone can do something, never too late for anything, everything it is possible with love and facilities. I understand all of them in the Greatest Show.


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