My swedish Experience

My swedish Experience

Name / Alexander Kravchuk

Why do you came to Sweden

I decide to choose Sweden as my destination with Erasmus plus project because this

place makes me feel like in my house, connected with the nature and also i always wanted to know the culture of this country and its history. So when I saw the option of this country I didn t have any doubt to choose it. Maybe this choose is related with the fact that I was born in Ukraine and this place makes me feel the same.

How can you describe yourself

I consider me a simple and flexible people that can respect all the people, things and situations that can happen in any moment of life but at the same time I have my own

IDEALS of life that help me to live better with myself and try to choose always the best option for me and people who are around me. I aspire to improve always with the consciusness that I am a person and I can do mistakes but those mistakes can help me in the future and I will can help to other people to not fall in the same mistake. I am an active person who loves sport and read books and I feel that with this two things I can understand better the world and understand better myself.

About my past experiences

In the past , I studied things related with tourism , hairdressing and catering. But I felt like studying this things I didin t feel realized and empty as a person, so I decided

to focus in other perspectives of life that can help me to see the life from another side and that is what I hope with this new Administration adventure

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