My first days in Orkelljunga…

My first days in Orkelljunga…

My first week in Orkelljunga was too fast! Different culture, many feelings, meeting new people.

I came here by plane from Istanbul to Copenhagen. The night before come here I was excited, cause I’ll be almost a whole year far of my country, family and friends. After a long way by plane and car, I arrived to Orkelljunga. When we came to home, our teammates were there. And this was the first time when I met them.

Next day was my first day in the office, a lot of information and met other teammates. We are almost 14-15 people here from different country. That is perfect. Cause always loved to meeting different culture. After the meeting we went to Circus&Sports activities with other volunters. I played football with immigrant childs. They were so happy and that made me happy.

My second day in the office was very busy. We had an event and we ıntroduce new game(the name is Net Net) our visitors. It was a nice event where everyone is having fun, eating foods..

The weekend was full of work and fun. So I wont tell you what I do, day by day J
The place is very quiet and cold, people are so polite, friendly and lovely. I made a right decision that I came here! I am so excited of the rest of my year here ! Now I got some work to do, I gotta go, see you J

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