Motivate online training – Last session…

Motivate online training – Last session…

Our last day of the motivate training started with Module 9 and was presented by Maria Ribeiro from Portugal. It covered the topics of: Netiquette & Validation and recognition of skills.

VPI- Validation of prior learning & AEOP-Adult Education opportunity Program
– National wide program
– Skills & Competences
– Reflexive portfolio/ autobiography narrative
– Adult centered process
– 3 years of professional experience
– New opportunities to all
– Competences recognition

Skills Recognition
– Individual development
– Tools for self-recognition include: River of life Collage and Spider Web

Human rights
Equity – Freedom – Equal Healthcare – Dignity

Then, the next Module was about Self-Assessment this was presented by Annita Tsolaki from Cyprus.
The first thing we did was to discuss our Aerostato, which help us to see what helps us and promotes our learning, what stops or hinders our learning and what skills we already have.

Promote self-awareness
Diagnose learning progress
Evaluate learner’s progress

How can I do a personal Swot Analysis’, define the strengths and weaknesses:
– What are your best qualities?
– What are you most proud of?
– What are you best at?
– What skills do you possess?

– What skills do you find difficult?
– What do you identify as a weakness?
– What are bad at
– Areas you can improve in

Find your opportunities: How can I build up my skills and strengths? What advancements/ changes can I make ?

And finally, named the threats:
– Potential problems
– What do others have more or better than you
– Obstacles in your way


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