IFALL- Projecting Youth

IFALL- Projecting Youth

“Projecting YOUth” is a one-year partnership at international level funded by the Key Action 2 of theErasmus+ programme of th
e European Commission

Firstly, what is a Key Action 2 project?

Key Action 2 are more long term projects and include opportunities exchange of good practices. Organisations such as IFALL can apply for funding to work in partnership with organisations from other participating countries. We focus on sharing and developing practices in education, training and youth provision between participating countries.

What is the project about and how is IFALL involved?

ThLOGO sin letrase project of course involves IFALL and then also 2 other organisations from Spain

ON&OFF – a organisation that works with theatre and drama. Also Italy, which is Calypso which is an NGO based in Pavia. They work on  using artistic tools, creativity and especially theatrical techniques to involve people and empower groups and community. It aims to be a great opportunity were we as IFALL can share our ideas and work together while making an exchange of good practice. This is in relation to young people and how they can develop not only their personal skills but also their professional skills. This is so they have to the ability to create their own theatre and stagLogo Italiae projects and increase their employability.

SO what will IFALL be doing?

IFALL will be creating workshops in Örkelljunga, within the next few months. These will be with different drama techniques and inspired by the theories Howard Gardner and the 8 intelligences.


Howard Gardener 8 intelligences

As IFALL is working with integration these workshop will help with this process and will involve young people from different backgrounds. The activities involved in these workshops will have the potential to reduce the risk of social exclusion and work towards helping professional and personal growth of the young people we work with.

What did IFALL do during the first meeting?

During 2nd till the 5th December, IFALL was in Pavia, Italy for the first meeting to get to know the other partner and begin this process of sharing ideas and good practice. We planned what we would be doing within each country.


Image from presentation from Calypso explaining there previous local projects

IFALL also attended some local activities in Pavia that the Italian organisation are doing with young people at a local level. It was a great opportunity to see how they are working with young people and how they are using film, drama and art to connect with the local community




Where can I find out more information?

You can find more information at the following links;

Website: http://www.projectingyouth.eu/

And why not like the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Projecting-YOUth



Asociación Juvenil ON&OFF

Logroño, Spain


Calypso – il teatro per il sociale

Pavia, Italy


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