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In this post I will talk about the project to which I had the pleasure to attend in a small but charming town of “Bella Italia”, Tropea. It is a small village on the coast of the province of Vibo Valentia, Calabria, in the south of the country



Our trip started very early in the morning of Sunday April 30th, although we arrived on June 1st in the afternoon… we had several complications with the plane. But after 36 hours of travel and  5 different countries… We finally arrived!!

The project was “In Dialogue with the Others – the Best Cross Cultural Practices of Refugee Integration” and the participating organizations came from different countries, ALPE from Spain, Sırrı Yırcalı Anadolu Lisesi (SYAL) from Turkey, ABROAD CONSULTING from Germany, ITAKA TRAINING from Italy and KAIROS EUROPE from UK and we, IFALL from Sweden. Why these countries? These countries are the most welcoming refugees, which refugees see as their final destination.


The purpose of this project is to share all the good practices and methodologies of these countries and bring them together in order to improve the quality of life of refugees in the hosting countries. Trying to look for solutions for different types of problems that can be found both in their long escape trip, in their arrival and in their stay, to develop and provide improvements of all kinds both on integration in the community.

The project lasted a week, in which we shared and discussed different methodologies of action that the participating countries applied in the arrival and stay of the refugees. We also had the chance to share different projects and activities that the organizations offer to the beneficiaries, activities related to integration, empowerment, xenophobia, racism, threats and problems that can bring social networks and / or social media, but also We talked about several online resources whose function is to warn of possible dangers on their route to European countries information on more routes.


We really enjoyed sharing our experience of work that we are doing in the small town of Örkelljunga with the rest of our participants and our own experiences, just as we enjoyed listening to the work of others in Turkey, Germany, UK, Italy and Spain.

Besides meeting wonderful people we were able to enjoy the fantastic town, its culture, its gastronomy and its people!!





It has been a pleasure to enjoy this project! Thank you so much!


Ana Rincón.



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