From 30DSC_0025/05/16 to 4/06/16 IFALL took part in a KA2 project meeting in Poland. It is part of a KA2 project called “Networking for improvement independency and entrepreneurship to disadvantaged women” with partners from Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. The project aims to provide a holistic approach around the issue of women’s entrepreneurship and equal participation in civil society which will be an answer for the problem of women’s unemployment and economic dependence.


DSC_0024 (1)The purpose of the meeting was to plan and prepare a workshop that will occur in September available for 3 IFALL staff and 3 women. It will be a workshop mainly focussed around arts and crafts. There are some really exciting opportunities planned for women who are interested in flower decorations and flower arranging. During the meeting, each organisation presented their local activities and how they are meeting the actions of the project. We planned for the future of the project and how we can improve and develop our local activities. IFALL has been working since February on local activities with women of all ages from radio, sports, cooking, arts, crafts, dances and language support. 

We are also running a Photography Competition for women over the age of 18. All information can be found in the following image, on IFALL’s website and the WOMEN4WOMEN Facebook Page.

Photography Competition Poster

If you want anymore information about the project or how you can be involved just email charlotte@integrationforalla.se or comment below!


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