“If You’re Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Attention”

“If You’re Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Attention”

I recently came across a post of Instagram;

Its amazing how true the words on a simple T-Shirt can be. This really struck a cord with me and really made me reflect on the current gender inequality that exists and shockingly how passive we can so easily become.

International Women’s Day is one day within the year, for example, when women are “allowed” to be celebrated. It is the perfect opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the women who have a positive impact on your life and inspire you everyday. In today’s society there are (thankfully) more and more women that are totally “rocking it” and not following the old fashioned and restricting societal rules. It’s so much easier nowadays for some people to break out of the mould and create a career for themselves and make life decisions for them and no one else.  It’s International days that, that can remind everyone that we shouldn’t have to compete, judge or push each other down those among us and instead we should uplift, empower, encourage and support our fellow females. But why can’t that be everyday?

There are so many women that have given me little bits of wisdom and life advice that have contributed to who I am as a women today. And i’m proud of it! But we can’t be proud of it everyday.

If a woman is too confident is misconstrued for “cockiness”.

If a women is too beautiful by societies standards its okay that she is constantly worried about my safety. “The other day I took a 15 minute walk and in that time I got honked at twice and a guy got out of his car at a red light to ask me if I needed a ride. It just makes me scared sometimes.”

If a women is too independent she is viewed she will single forever, like the world will end if she doesn’t get married by the time she’s 32.

It’s such a shame when you read, watch society unfold in the real world as well as on social media.  I’ve seen some of the bravest, strongest and most determined people be easily diminished within seconds just because “She’s a women.” and sometimes its women to women. (don’t blame men all the time!)

Every person has a story to tell or a great piece of advice no matter who they and who they identify as.  It’s so special when we learn from each other and we can learn so much from reading other’s ideas. Some of my favourite life mottos or quotes have come from things i’ve seen online and what other people have posted. Just like the photo above. We need to stop pushing each other down and open our eyes the world around us. Pay attention to what really matters.

I hope this has encouraged you to think about the women in your life and how they have changed you or impacted your live! Maybe remind them or let them know!

“When women support each other, incredible things happen!”

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