Hej all! 

It’s finally reached that time, the time for me to go home to Australia, a lot has happened over the past year, i’ve learnt so much, made heaps of new friends, taught, laughed and lived.

I had a wonderful bunch of experiences in and outside of Sweden with IFALL, while the organisation was shaky at times, we pushed through as a team, and that’s something i think i have definitely learned over the year is that i can rely on my team and i should put more faith in people working together. 

We have achieved so much together, finishing and attending projects, hosting meetings, training, teachings, learning, reading, speaking, and always FIKA!

I’m not sure what i’m going to when i go back to Australia, but something I can say for certain is that i will never forget what has happened here in Europe, and I look forward to coming back before too long.

Signing off (for now) Adam Eleftheriou!     

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