About Aitor!

About Aitor!

Hello my name is Aitor and i have 19 years old. Im from Spain and more specifically in Valencia, i have come to Sweden for making a Erasmus Programme and this is my first time in this country.

I am a person who likes the sport to improve the body, such as the gym or the calisthenics, especially this last, and I’ve been experimentation about 3 years and I’m really happy about what I’ve changed about when I started in this sport.

It is the first time that I go out of my country and its great, I think that I like more and more traveling, although i travel only 2 times in plane, the 2 times i going to Mallorca and its beatiful, they have a perfect weather in summer.

In my free time i love taking photos of the nature and of my friends, portrait photos or landscape, I’ve been 1 year since I started to do photography and i think i have a good photos, my photos are uploaded to Instagram, at the account @ukaarephoto

I like Sweden, the nature and the air is pure, the weather is a little cold but its fine, Orkelljunga its a good town, it has everything to be a village, in this month i will here i’d like to visit more citys in Sweden, like Stockholm, AngelHolm, Helsingborg, all of this sites they have good spots for making photos, and they have a lots of things to do.

There is an a example of the photos i make:

Photo from my photography Instagram
This is me in a photo have taked my brother
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