Winter is coming!

Winter is coming!


When people are applying for EVS, there are 2 main criteria that explain their choice. They either chose the country in which they would like to spend some time and then try to find an organisation from this country in which they could do their EVS (=Hosting Organisation). Or they will pay more attention to the tasks they will have to do and the hosting organisation itself (target group, main purpose and activities…). My decision to apply for EVS was motivated by the description of tasks offedred by IFALL and the fact that IFALL was a quite recent organisation that is still growing. In other words, Sweden was not exactly my choice. Of course, the fact that this EVS was located in Sweden was interesting for me. I never throught of coming here, simply because for me Sweden belongs to the “exotic destination”. Because it’s in the North. Because it’s cold. (And not only because of that, mostly because it never crossed my mind).

Let’s face it, I also had and stll have stereotypes about Sweden and Swedes. I thought that the main challenge for me would be the cold. And I was expecting that having a harsh winter would be part of the experience (even if I’ve lived in various places, I’m coming from the seaside and I’m used to live in a warm weather). I know that so far the weather has been relatively nice here and my enthusiasm about winter in Sweden might change in January or February. At the same time, coming to Sweden and not having snow would have been disappointing.


So here’s the snow! (that has probably already completely melted when you’ll be reading this blog)

It was nice and surprising to see how much it snowed in only a night. Snow arrived at the perfect moment, because we had friends over that weekend, so we were able to enjoy this experience all together. In the  morning, we went to the lake and had a walk in the forest. No matter our ages, we enjoyed as much as 3 year-old children 😀 I’ve lived some time in places where it snowed quite a lot during winter. But snow in Örkelljunga is just magic. It makes the forest even more beautiful, peaceful and quiet. Our friends really liked Örkelljunga and are already plannig to come back to ice-skating when small lakes will be frozen. Looking forward to it!!


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