Second Week in Sweden!!

Second Week in Sweden!!


Hello everyone, I’m Laura and I have just been here for eleven days. In this blog I’m going to tell you my impression of IFALL and of this new place, which I’m getting used to.

This week I have been knowing the activities in which Malika and me are going to help. We are responsible, with Charlotte, of the English Cafe which takes place every Wednesday at the Education Centre. Last Wednesday was the first day, we are happy because there were many people, you can check the photos in our facebook page, and all of you are invited to come ;).

Yesterday we have the sport day for all, I really like this day because we spend two hours playing with the kids and is so funny, it takes me to that time when I was a child too. I want to show you a picture of yesterday and you can make an idea of what I’m saying.






This week I start my Swedish’s lessons and is a bit difficult for me because is so different to Spanish but, step by step, I will get it :). I hope that in a few months I can write a post in Swedish, a basic post… jajaj.

As for the town, Örkelljunga, I have to say that is so nice, all I can see in this few days I really love it. Yesterday I visited the big lake and is so beautiful, I think I’m going to visit it a lot of times. In respect to the weather, for just is similar to my little city where I live in Spain. I have to say I’m a bit scared of winter but, at the same time, I’m expecting to see the town in that season, I think it will be so cute, yes…, we will see.

This is my first post and I have not spent so much days in Sweden so that’s all! I hope to see you in the IFALL’s activities and meet new people.

Have a good weekend,




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