Rose in Non-Formal Education, Diversity

Rose in Non-Formal Education, Diversity


On 4th – 8th July, 27 participants from all over Europé and from (IFALL Sweden) were invited to NOVI SAD Serbia to kick start,and among other things create a training course on the Diversity approach under the umbrella ( Non-formal Education and diversity in European youth work) A one year course tackling diversity in different forms in European societies.

The program started with a formal dinner which included getting to know the participants and the organisations they represented, the following day. We participants had to get to the bottom of diversity and what is means to us and the biggest question was ’WHO WE ARE AS INDIVIDUALS’ without using words.

As the program continued we tackled the topic ’the diversity approach ’ which gave different concepts and led to great discussions among participants , in the evening we had an NGO fair which enabled different NGO’s in Novi Sad to meet us participants at Radio cafe(a restaurant) and share different activities they do in their organisation .

A city tour of Novi Sad was lead by locals was an interesting part of the program and enabled us to learn and view the city, this was followed by discussion on the most important agenda of developing, creating and planning the training course, The Diversity Approach .

On the last day as hard as it was to say our goodbyes. We were satisfied with the work we had achieved in a short period , The programs evaluation promises a great continuation in WEIMAR GERMANY 28th October to 4th November.

Thanking IFALL for giving me this great opportunity not only to develop my self, but to find the trainer, educator and the human rights activists in me, and hopefully IFALL as an organisation will benefits from my experiences and I hope to impact our members in a positive way on what Diversity is in relation to Integration för Alla


here comes some pictures from Contact Making Seminar


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