Happy holidays!

Happy holidays!

Hey everyone,

During the holidays, the program of IFALL activities will be slightly modified.

Activities that are taking place at the Utbildning centrum will start again in January as well as ELM’s Språk Café. Some sport activities, for example at Lihallen, will still be taking place during the holidays. Don’t forget to check our facebook page for weekly info 🙂

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Last week, Caprifolen VoltigeKlubb had a Cirkus Show at Lilhallen. Caprifolen is the biggest voltige club in Sweden and is based in Våxtorp (for more info, check their Facebook page and their website). They first perfomed part of their show, to introduce what circus is, and show the variety of skills that you can develop. In a joyful and friendly atmosphere, everybody (from youngsters to not so young ones 😉 ) had the opportunity to try different things (acrobatic gymnastics, aerial skills, juggling…). IFALL would like to warmly thank all volunteers from Caprifolen VoltigeKlubb!!! We hope to see you soon 🙂

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