Discovering IFALL’s activities

Discovering IFALL’s activities

Most of all IFALL activities have started this week. We (Laura and Malika) attended the following:

On Monday afternoon, the “Open House” took place at IFALL’s local. Open house is the perfect moment for socialising and where intercultural dialogue is taking place. It is also the occasion of providing support for daily-life issues and practicing Swedish.

Tuesday, the first weekly cultural cafe took place in Klippan. The project was presented to high school students.

Wednesday, the first English cafe took place at the Education Centre. Through games like Pictionary many students were able to practice their English in a relaxed atmosphere.

Thursday was a busy day. The first Language cafe took place at ELM-Örkelljunga. Pastor Samuel and a lot of volunteers gave everybody a very warm welcome and helped practicing Swedish, meanwhile kids were having fun.

Then the first gathering of IFALL choir took place. IFALL’s choir will sing 2 songs – Syria” written by Karim and “Reality” from Lost Frequencies – on the Cultural Day that will take place on 3rd of October, as well as of “thank you for the music” ABBA together with the other choirs of Örkelljunga.

Then we had “Sport for all” activities at Lillenhalen. 8 volunteers (thank to all of for coming!!!) had sport activities with children meanwhile teenagers and adults were playing volleyball.

See you next week,

Malika and Laura






Malika and Laura

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