LENO EVS in Örkelljunga

Hello Everyone! It’s Damla from Turkey. It’s my second EVS in Sweden! Since I had a lot of experience with Ifall, I wanted to spend my 11 months here in Örkelljunga. I was working as a project coordinator in Turkey and have been in various Erasmus projects and wanted to improve myself more. Here, I have a chance to be with different intercultural background people! Even now, I am in the office with my friends who are from Australia and France! I am going to work for LENO (Leave No One Behind) project and help other Erasmus KA2 projects and local activities. LENO is a project about social inclusion through art, music, dance, circus, etc. and I am proud of the be part of it. We have even a soundtrack! Don’t forget to google and listen to it!

I studied International Relations in Ankara and I am more into the practice rather than theories so I like to combine two and learn more. Since I am studying social sciences, I prefer working with people a lot. I am here to improve my skills like language, non-formal education methods, Erasmus world, cooking :), learning more about myself and more. The place that I live is so quiet that you can listen to your soul and understand more of yourself. So I prefer meditating when I have free time on weekends but that is not the only thing I like. In addition to this, I like reading a lot, cooking, watching movies, riding a bicycle, playing table tennis, and spend some time in a sauna with friends! Very Swedish 🙂 Hopefully, I will also jump to the lake after sauna. I am not brave enough now 😀 Furthermore, the sauna is not the typical thing only. Here is more! First one is Fika! I mentioned in my first blog that 2 years ago if you can find it on google but if not I am sure that you will research more after I did a summarise. If you add love, friendship and coffee break together, it becomes Fika! Swedish people and I love it. It is a great time to gathering all people and eat snacks, cookies, fruits and drink various drinks. It is really up to you. But just let you know, it is not a personal thing that you are alone. You need to be with people and start to talk about weather 😀 Like UK, here is also raining a lot. Weather is so crazy that 10 minutes ago it could be sunny and then suddenly here comes the rain again after the early in the morning. But still so peaceful and full of forest or green places! As a person who lived in an apartment since the time from birth, I highly recommend everyone to try and live in a small cottage or someplace to nearby green areas. It takes all my negativity and makes me feel full of love and happiness. If you don’t have any chance to live in a place like that which is so normal, don’t forget to go to the picnic and entertain yourself more!

I spent just 2 weeks here and I am happily announcing that changing your environment for a while if you have a chance is something extraordinary and fantastic! I am sure that sometimes I will work a lot that I won’t have time for myself but still, I will try to create time for me! Live is a journey about yourself and surroundings and hopefully, everyone discovers more and more each day and start a new positive life every each day! Take care and stay tuned! Many hugs from a Turkish girl.

PS: I have a Turkish coffee with me, I invite you to Fika with me! Take some biscuits and come and join me. I can also read your future from your cups 😀

Best Wishes!