My experiences so far with IFALL!

Hello, there!

This is Lidia and I wanna tell you that my experience in IFALL has changed. Now it has become more complex, where I not only learn and get involved in what I do, but also model myself after what I do. Interaction with children has become more interesting and from which I can understand what they express, not just what they say and show.

Now, my work is about researching for different things, like projects, articles and Sweden! Helping here and being with people from here, and being part of what IFALL is, develops me as a person by understanding and learning that what is being done here is a complex thing where each member and volunteer is a help and a change in IFALL. Doing research and seeing in what IFALL is involved, makes me want to learn about how this world really is and makes me want to be a part of the help that people need. So far, every time was different, with the children and young people but also the office work that I am doing is changing because each time is different. And that makes everything nice and exciting! From doing research, I’m learning about Sweden culture and people, about how Sweden help its people with different needs and how Sweden really is. The work that I am doing is each time a new thing that I learn and that makes the time exciting!