IFALL in Strandhem for final project meeting

Final transnational meeting of Projecting YOUth in Örkelljunga (Sweden).

Representatives of the three partner organisations of Projecting YOUth will meet together in order to evaluate the previous stages of the project and plan its last activities that will take part on the next months.

Projecting Youth MeetingFrom the 05/06/2016 to the 08/06/2016, members of all the organisations taking part in this project (Asociación Juvenil ON&OFF (Spain), Calypso – il teatro per il sociale (Italy) and IFALL – Integration För Alla (Sweden) will implement this meeting with the main aim of working on the final edition of the intellectual outputs about youth training on entrepreneurship and artistic initiatives that will be published at the end of the project. Besides this, the event will be also used to design and agree the programme of the multiplier events that will take place on each partner country at the end of the project. These events will be open to any kind of beneficiary interested on the project results and will provide their participants all the knowledge and materials developed by the team of Project YOUth. As final transnational meeting of the project, the activity will be also used to deal with all the justification of the previous work done and creating the strategy to disseminate all its results. The mobility will be also used to get to know the local team of IFALL and discovering the best practices of the organisation on youth training and education.

As some of you will know IFALL has been active locally during this project trying the different methods with young people. This meeting will be a conclusion of these activities.

In case you want to get more information about this project funded under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission you can visit its website that will be regularly updated during the project with photos, materials, posts and videos (www.projectingyouth.eu). You can also follow the development of the project through its Facebook page  or contact any of the project partners.


Projecting Youth Project Meeting

Last transnational meeting of Projecting YOUth implemented in Örkelljunga (Sweden).

Örkelljunga hosted all the coordinators and product developers of Projecting YOUth in a transnational meeting that was used to evaluate the whole project and prepare its lasts phases.

Eight representatives from the three partner organisations of the project (Asociación Juvenil ON&OFF (Spain), Calypso – il teatro per il sociale (Italy) and IFALL – Integration För Alla (Sweden)) met from the 05/06/2016 to the 08/06/2016 with the ai13392178_1721033174781082_653523094415237971_om of preparing the final part of this transnational initiative. Atteendes had the chance of evaluating all the previous work done and went through the intellectual outputs created on the previous months in order to include potential improvements on them before their final publication. After a deep analysis of these materials and agree how they will be finally presented, partners worked on the structure and content of the last activity that will close the project: a public multiplier event to disseminate the project results that will take place on the three partner countries of the project.

IFALL will run a multiplier event which will spread the information about the project results and practise the drama workshop. It will be on the 5th August in Församlingshemmeet Örkelljunga. For more information and further details follow the link to our Facebook Page.

13433257_1721032848114448_6306483613271913995_oBesides all of this, participants had also the opportunity of visiting the local facilities of the Swedish partner of the project and the centre for minor refugees and asylum seekers that cooperates with the organisation. Finally, the event was also useful to allow partners to discuss about the follow up of the project and other common future initiatives to be developed among them as a continuation of Projecting YOUth.




Asociación Juvenil ON&OFF

Logroño, Spain


Calypso – il teatro per il sociale

Pavia, Italy



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