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Hi ! My name is Tristan I’m 21 years old and I come from Brittany in France. I’m in Sweden for
three months to do an internship thanks to the European program ERASMUS +.

The objective of this traineeship is to improve my language skill and have an experience in my professional sector.
I have obtained an Information and Communication license in 2021 at the University Rennes 2, I had
to go for a master, unfortunately the selection is very tough and I was not taken.

My formation was very theoretical because of the large number of students, but I learned about
sociology of communication, little bit of video/photo editing, information monitoring and create a
communication plan for companies, association, communities…
However I don’t have any professional experience, this internship it’s going to be my first one. I
expect from this course to improve my skills in terms of software practices, exchanges of ideas, make

Thanks to the Erasmus program we have the choice between different countries, but Sweden was
my first choice because from abroad, Sweden looks like a land of cultural enrichment and open-mindness.
Also I love the Scandinavian’s countries for their landscapes, the functioning of their societies, the
education model.

At the moment I’m in Malmö where the climate is almost the same as where I live
so I’m not really disoriented, but I hope that I will go up north to see what it’s like.
At the end of the three months I hope I will have improved my professional skills and myself enough
to return to my studies or maybe have a job. I think’s it going to be a great experience !