Hallå ! I am Elisavet and I come from Greece.
I am a new intern and today is my first day in IFALL Local Office. Therefore, it’s my great pleasure to share my excitement with you. When I arrived in the office, IFALL staff welcomed me with open arms and they were all so willing to help me. I am so happy to be here and work in a nice environment with great people.

I will briefly12903881_10208949598559823_1524983345_o write you more about me and my background. I was born in Samos island, a Greek island in the borders between Greece and Turkey. During my childhood I saw many times refugees who had just arrived in the island. The same happened to my relatives, who arrived as refugees from Izmir, Turkey in 1922 after their houses had totally destroyed. So, I had always the feeling that everybody could be in this situation and therefore we all need to act with solidarity.

Five years ago, I moved in Athens, the capital of Greece to study my favourite subject: Social and Cultural Psychology! During my studies I dedicated my time doing volunteering work in local NGOs. Some of these projects were related to migration issues and therefore I decided to focus on this field. I also participated in various international projects in Finland, Czech Republic, Turkey and Spain.

Particularly in Spain, I had the opportunity to meet IFALL representatives and learn more about the organization. I immediately appreciated their work and I decided to apply for an internship with them. I hope that I will be a dedicated partner and that I will provide important help with IFALL’s activities. Moreover, I strongly believe that this internship will be a great opportunity for my personal and professional development.

For sure, it will be a great experience and a new challenge!



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