New personal blog and other week less. The last 1th of March it was our sixth “aniversary” as EVS. The time goes by so fast!! it looks like I arrived not so much time ago and now there are only four months more before my EVS will end. It´s crazy how this experience is changing me. Now I can speak a little bit Swedish and it´s going better and better 🙂 . I´m also thinking about staying here after all of this will finish, why not?. Sweden is a good country and I realized that it´s not as cold as I though, I can survive to the winter, actually I already did it !. I know Spain is a warm country and it´s so different from Sweden but, I think, all that differences and all the things that I still have to discover from Sweden it´s a good reason to stay. At the same time it´s hard to be far away from my family and my friends but they know that this is a good opportunity for me and I hope they will understand, if I decide to stay.

For this “aniversary” we made a spontaneous cake with meetballs, we are in Sweden so the typical food must be present hahah. It was a short and stupid celcebration but it made us think, for a while, in all these months. I´m grateful because Malika is with me in this experience, I can´t imagine a better flatmate 🙂



Last week it was also Ali´s birthday. He has become in one of that persons who won my heart :). He is such a good person and he´s like my little brother. I´m so happy because I could celebrated with you your 20 birthday and from now on you will have a birthday greeting every year from me. Why not?? 🙂



Last week Maria joined to our group, some of you already know her and the others will know her soon. it was good our first contact and I really think we will get along well.


Have a nice week. 

Laura 🙂

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