Supporting Migrant Inclusion in Lifelong Learning and Education




The Supporting Migrant Inclusion in Lifelong Learning and Education (SMILE) project aims to build the capacity of adult educators to improve and increase the knowledge, skills and competences of both teachers and migrants in promoting migrant inclusion in adult education.

The project aims to develop resources to support all those who, whether in a formal or a non-formal manner, are supporting migrants to lifelong learning: policymakers, education institutes, teachers, and migrant organisations who can provide good learning environments in the community.



Teachers within lifelong learning and adult education programmes, who will have the opportunity for
obtaining certified training on migrant inclusion in adult education;

  • School administrators and education policymakers, who will be informed about gaps and best practices in
    migrant inclusion in adult education, and provided with tools for improvement;
  • Learning support workers who provide psychosocial support to migrant learners, who will benefit from a
    training programme;
  • Migrant peers and communities, who will benefit from non-formal training on how to guide migrants
    towards education opportunities, and provide them with psychosocial and mentoring support.



  • Coordinator Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM) –Malta –
  • Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology LTD (CARDET) –
  • Cyprus –
  • Integration För Alla (IFALL) – Sweden –
  • Ιnstitute for African Studies (IAS)– Slovakia –

Upcoming Meeting/Activities; There will be 1 more Transnational Meeting and Multiplier event.. Final
Report due in August 2019.

Project Results for IFALL: Non formal education methods,Networking