“Hello, I am Meryem Alakır, and I currently reside in Konya, Turkey. I’m 26 years old and work as a Graphic Designer and Video Editor. Additionally, I’m pursuing my master’s degree in Journalism.

I arrived in Sweden in October as part of the ESC program. When I first came here, I was concerned about my limited English proficiency, but I knew I had to risk. To my surprise, Hopefully I found more support here than I had expected. I believe that when I leave, my English will have improved significantly.

It took me some time and observation to write this article. Now, I can share my observations about Sweden. Since my arrival, I’ve felt like I’m living in a fairy-tale land. I’ve been deeply impressed by the country’s historical architecture and the reverence people have for nature and each other.

I am truly delighted that I made the decision to come here. It has been a wonderful experience for me, allowing me to make friends from diverse cultures and explore new opportunities.”

So stay tuned for the next steps.