There was an exciting event called “Global Impact” at The Ground at the end of October. It was an evening where people talked about making the world better. The event was organized by IFALL from Sweden and friends from South Africa, the Uk, Germany, Australia, and Turkey. They wanted to talk about how companies can help society, take care of the environment, and make sure everyone feels included.

The event began with each country talking about their ideas to make the world better. After that, everyone got into small groups to talk about important questions related to making the world fairer and more sustainable.
Key Discussion Points:
1. How can we help more women be part of the circular economy?
2. What good things can companies do in the energy, resources, and environment sector?
3. How can learning outside of schools make young people more active in society?
4. How can we teach people in Europe about making the world better?
5. How can technology help different generations learn from each other?
People had good discussions that helped everyone understand more about how companies, the environment, education, equality, and technology can work together to make the world better.
The event ended with people chatting and having drinks together. They were told to expect an email about what happens next and the new ideas from these discussions. “Global Impact” wasn’t just a meeting; it was a gathering of different ideas to help make the world better. It showed how working together and sharing what we know can make the world more fair, sustainable, and inclusive.
Let’s keep the good feelings from this event going by using the ideas and plans we talked about. This will help make changes in our communities and even beyond. The effect from this event could become a big movement for positive change in society. Remember, the impact of this event isn’t just about that day but in how it changes what we do in the future.

Thanks for coming!