Heart of Europe ”HE-ART”

About the project:

The purpose of the project is international cooperation and creating and establishing the permanent network of so-called “Heart Points”. Each International cultural Heart Point is going to be a creative centre, where members are going to conceive, develop, and execute cultural events. Events are going to, along with introducing cultural heritage, also promote heart values like acceptance of differences, understanding, humanity, friendship and solidarity – on personal, national, and international level. With the network HE-ART, an example of cultural tourism is going to be set up, and with it, the pulse of a Heart Point that is going to work for the local community, the nation, and for international cooperation and connecting. Among others, we are going to address the problems of the youth, unemployment, globalisation, immigration and stigmatization of immigrants, European citizenship, Euroscepticism, and other problems that permeate lives today.


Create and establish a permanent network of ”Heart Points”, cultural and creative centres promoting
cultural activies.
Develop a project booklet, focusing on ”cultural tourism” and funcnioning also as a manual, since providing
examples of the different cultural workshops
Develop and present an interactive theatrical play based on real story of a migrant childs as good practice
Organize six local events where Heart Points are presented to the public, holding debates and open
discussion about euroscepticism, the future of EU, integration and youth employment.


Coordinator Druzinsko Gledalisce Kolenc – Slovenia
GEOSS Association – Slovenia
Litija Municipality – Slovenia
Comitato 10 Febbraio – Italy
Rieti Municipality – Italy
Larissa Municipality – Greece
Medina del Campo Municipality – Spain
Mata Malam – France
Lezha Municipality – Albania
Shoqata Shqiptare e Ambjentalisteve Industriale
Sandanski Municipality – Bulgaria
Association Euni Partners – Bulgaria

Meeting/activities: event meeting in Örkelljunga in March 2019 has been successfully implemented.


Project results for IFALL: Project website, Booklet, Meeting Event in Örkelljunga, ”Heart
point” (a cultural centre) belonging to a new Network ”of towns”.

Name: A Better Europe ”Be-EU”

Starts: 01/2018

Ends: 06/2019

Programme: Erasmus Plus - Europe for Citizens

Website: http://heart-europe.com/about-project/