Engage in Nature

About the project:


Engage with nature

Young people today face some issues when it comes to accessing and connecting positively with nature. In today’s society there are many stresses which mean it can be difficult for engagement or participation. There is a lack of knowledge also whereby a significant number of young people don’t have the capacity or way of knowing how to survive or spend their time within nature.




Project Partners (Name – Country – Website
IFALL – Sweden – ifall.se
Faal – Turkey – faal.org.tr

PrimOlio – Itay

Manor CE Academy – UK – http://www.manorceacademy.org/
Project Activities: Advanced Planning Meeting 3-6 December
Planning the youth exchange with youth leaders and youth.

Youth Exchange: 21 st – 28 th February 2018

Name: Engage in Nature

Starts: 08/2018

Ends: 05/2019

Programme: Erasmus Plus Youth Exchange

Website: https://ifall.se/2018/09/23/engage-in-nature-with-ifall/