New project – Speak !

Ifall is proud to announce a new project: SPEAK!

“Speaking skill Performance Enhancement in entrepreneurial customs for social workers”

SPEAK is about to explore the potential of public speaking and entrepreneurial skills.



  • Promote the innovative educational format of speaking skills enhancement, co-creation and peer-interaction;
  • Contribute to the guidance and methodological support to operators in the implementation of co-creation programmes in public speaking targeted at excluded adults by published¬†materials;
  • Reduce the social exclusion of disadvantaged adults by creating and piloting a format for educational offer targeted at social operators and organizations for the development of their
    capacities in employing speaking skills enhancement, co-creation and peer-interaction;


Target group SPEAK is addressed to, is an audience of direct targets and indirect targets.

  • Direct Targets:
    -Educators/trainers in the adult field providing or interested in developing their understanding of Communicational and Entrepreneurship;
    -Entities with outreach to the targeted categories (NGOs, cultural businesses and associations, Arts centres/groups, Organizations providing services for excluded adult people).
  • Indirect Targets:¬†Disadvantaged people aged especially between 18-35 coming from marginalized urban and rural communities.