My EVS experience

It has been a blast and it has been so fast!

I arrived in Sweden in April. It has been that long allready?
Full of bags, switching plains, trains and Bus to arrive in the little Örkelljunga.

I really didn´t know what to expect when i traveled here, other than it would change me somehow. And it did.

During this months here I met so many wonderfull people and I did so many things!
I made plans for the future, I gained new prespectives and learned so much in the process as well.

If I could tell something to my past self, 6 months ago, I would say “Explore all the possibilities! You will have an amazing time!!”.

And the place I´ve been living in…
Could it be any better??

Now that I´m reaching the end of this adventure I will take with me friendships, experiences and memories that I will never replace.

Thank you all for the great time, it has been an amazing journey!

*Without saying any names, you ALL have changed me somehow!


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