Respecting of minorities

Hej hej, good morning for everyone!

How 11219628_10153455544590778_5050027328300235051_nwas your Easter’s Holidays? We were in a Project about inmigration, refugees and how the systems work in differents countries.

In this project came people of 12 different cities. It was really nice because this was an opportunity for growth in many fields, personally and professionally. Personally because I met nice, couragious and good-hearted people. What’s more, professionally, because they gave me the ability to observe and increase my own social skills providing me with inspiration and different points of view.

12548893_10153455544595778_2309621334708903601_nWe could share our personal experiences connected with the actual situation and we had a deep discussion about that. Thanks to that, I could empathize and I opened my mind. Now, I feel I have to contribute somehow. This is the reason why I want to share my experience with you.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep in mind or try to put yourself in refugees/inmigrant’s place. When you don’t have the same conditions in your contry, and in my case (I’m from Spain) I could do everything I wanted, I could walk with totally freedom and I have could express my opinion without fear, it’s difficult to understand why sometimes there is not equiality in the World. All people needs to express their feelings and feel they are members of our society.


We visited where lived unaccompained minors. We could see how they lived and we listened some life lesson, it was admirable their spirit but in other side, it was frustrated for me to accept why a child has to live that, who decided which it’s deserving to have a good lifes conditions and who not, why they and why me not? Why there are people can’t came to understand that refugees/inmigrants wanted increise their opportunities and improve their lifes.

12903975_10208951107077535_1298777536_oWe did workshops about how we can communicated with people to increase the empathize. We were
speaking about the integration process in local society for differents countries. That made aware about the
prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination we can found in the society. From now on we can take advantages of information and I’ll try to contribute to a society.





12922366_10208951108197563_550476405_oMoreover, we went to Helsingborg and in spite of weather we could visit the city and it was very nice because I could see interesting places.

12947012_10208951112637674_117866175_oAll nights we did an intercultural evening where people spoke about their countries, cultures, traditions and they brought diferent foods to tasted. Then we danced typical music of their countries. We learned from one another. 12946864_10208951185519496_1862008341_o

As well as, the big Enes set fire creating a good environment for all where we could strengthen relation.

It was my first project and I only can say I’m grateful for have been there, to meet all of them and I hope see you again.

I wish you the best in all,

Is not goodbye.