New week, new activity

Hej hej,

this month there are some news in IFALL. We are developing international projects, so remember to check regulary our web page because we are looking for participans. There will also be projects which are taking place here, in Örkelljuga, so we will have international guests in our village these months. Remember that we publish all the the opportunities that IFALL offers you in this page and also in our social media pages.


Last Monday we started with a new sport activity for girls. In this activity we want to offer the opportunity to try different sports to the girls. So if you are interested in sports, you want to meet new people and have fun you can join us. This activity takes place every Monday in Lillhreceived_997819710283874allem between 15:30 until 17:00 h. Last Monday we tried Badminton and the girls really had fun, it was the first time that they played this kind of sport and it was a good first contact. We will try to practice different sports every week so if you have any suggestion let us know 🙂






On Mondays we have also an other interesting activity, Circus, it takes 12705446_582201295269604_7306154203040527486_nplaces in Strandhem between 18:00 until 19:30. The guys are training hard because they have the choice to make show in Helsingborg if they are trained. More participants are joining to this activity and they are really making progress. If you want to know more about this activity you can ask Alhagie or you can come one day and see how it works.