today IFALL was present in the cultural day in “Utbildningcentrum” to partake in this event and spend time with the Örkelljunga´s neighbors.

We had prepared an activity for young peopleand adults, it was about doing handmade jewelry and a cheap one. We only need recycled materials like magazines, glue and lac. It is so easy to do it and the result is like a bracelet that you can buy in a shop. This was an idea of Malika because she knows how to do it and she is a good teache. In the picture you can see that some kids and adults tried and they spent a funny time.


Then we prepared some intercultural food for the guests, we cooked some spanish and french food. We made “tortilla de patata” which is so typical in Spain, salty muffins with olives and cheese and two cakes,a lemon cake and the other was a chocolate and apple cake, these muffins and cakes were french food. We had also “tapas” of olives and tuna and cheese, both from Spain and France. Other volunteers did a delicious syrian soup and middle-eastern salad.


Thank you so much to all the people who decided to come and know more about us. We will see you again next year with different food and other activity.




Have a nice weekend 🙂