Here we are again!

Good Morning!!

We reload with a video with photos about our first month at IFALL. A video of the activities and projects we have done,like KulturCafé, Woman Group, Volleyball, the Music Studio, the Waffles Party, Sports for all in Lillhallen, the two international projects (National Treasure and Land of Hope) and the welcome of our EVS, Gemma and Rita.
Hopefully you like it and have enjoyed this month as much as we did.

Hi everybody!

We’re Ana and Rosa and from Mallorca, Spain. We came to Örkelljunga to do our internship and we’ll stay here for three months. At the moment we have realized how successful we were in wanting to do our internships at IFALL.

We had the pleasure of meeting IFALL a couple of months ago in the Youth Can Lead Youth 2 project in Landskrona. We enjoy it a lot and that’s why we wanted to do our intership with this organization!


This first week in Örkelljunga has been of contact, to know some of the activities that IFALL offers, such a volleyball, english café, music studio, woman group and sports for all in the Lillhallen. We enjoy with children, young people and adults. All of them wonderful people from around the world.

We had the pleasure to meet the people of the international project and share with them an entertaining morning  and a fantastic lunch in Caprifolen. (Thank you, Minna!!) 

Enjoying this activity in Caprifolen was also the newspaper HD of Örkelljunga which published an article that you can see below:

 We had fun playing with this international team at Innebandy, here we leave you the link of our professional players: 

Last Tuesday they made us a welcome barbecue with almost the entire IFALL team and the international project. With this video we would like to thank all the IFALL team and volunteers for welcoming us in this great experience. 










I’m Mehmet. I live in Turkey / Ankara. I’m EVS volunteer in Sweden. I have been in Örkelljunga almost 6 months. The first time I came, my English was very bad. therefore firstly I worked field of economy the in İfall office. It is very boring and demanding a job. It was very difficult for me because All work since last year was waiting for 1 year and we did in 1 month. Actually we could finish earlier. The team that came to check up liked the work we did and I liked the result.

Now We are checking regularly and it is eeasier and also quicker.

Despite of my English level which is not good I m trying to be active cause I m social and have some Turkish friends.
Sometimes there is an EVS meeting in Stocholm. It was hard for me cause of my language level.

Maybe you think that EVS is boring but my experiences have improved.

For example

I like to cook and try new tastes.But I saw other sıde of kitchen here.Dishes need to done and need to work clearly to have less mess.I learnt I should make economic food because here everything is very expensive.
I follow the discounts of the supermarkets on facebook. It’s better this way.

Another exapmple is laundry.Instead of doing ıron all the time I learnt to dry my clothes not with drying machine but with rope like classic way.And after drying I folded my clother properly to make them smooth in wardrope.

My English is getting better. I m working on my own but it is moving slowly because I’m not practicing. I watched a video about English yesterday.Two men had learned four languages in one year. And they learned by being exposed to that language. I guess I have the same problem. The official language of Sweden is Swedish and most of the time is spoken in swedish and Turkish friends around me that makes it difficult to learn English.

Here you can always be in sports. I like this feature of this place. I have played football in Turkey before. I wanted to try football here too. And I went Fc Örkelljunga.

I was very bad in my first training. My friends were making fun of me. but I believed and I worked hard. I wake up early every morning and ran. But I hurt my foot. Therefore I stopped running. Then I decided to go to work by bike. and this has strengthened my condition.

I was very good in my first match and I scored a goal. Then I joined the team. I was very happy.Because I saw that If you want,ıf you work and ıf you believe you can do everything.

That s all from my last 6 months.To be continued…

National Treasures: The start of something new.

A successful start to the European Capacity Building project “National Treasures”

Organisations from Australia, Brazil and England came together on the 13th- 17th March 2017 to begin the project. The meeting took place in Strandhem and aimed to introduce all the organisation to each other and plan the projects development

The project itself aims to; 

1.Foster co-operation between youth organisations in Europe, Latin America and Oceania

2.Up-skill education staff and strategic organisational staff to increase knowledge, skills and methodologies for inclusion in the field of non-formal education through sports, circus and performing arts

3.Inspire local partners to create new non-formal education activities for young people who do not fit in well to current educational provisions

4.Offer opportunities for long-term volunteering in non-formal education engagement projects

5.Improve the knowledge of staff in the participating institutions around Erasmus+

During the beginning of the week all organisations involved presented themselves to the group. We have worked with Everything is Possible before on an EVS project but the Australia and Brazilian organisation was a new corporation so it was important for us to learn about their organisation. 

(UK) Everything Possible CIC is a small organisation operating in the field of international youth mobility and social inclusion established in 2011 but employing staff transferred from Everything Possible, who have over 16 years’ experience working in this field. They are the coordinators of the project. 

ACER Brazil is a smallish community development organisation that started out in 1993 working with the recuperation of street children from the centre of São Paulo. 

(UK) Manor CofE academy is a local English partner. It is a school with over 1000 students. The Principle of the school has been eager to release staff on project visits, both for the purpose of risk assessment and also for staff personal and professional development. 

(Australia) Westside Circus (WSC) builds the creative capacity of young people from diverse cultures and backgrounds by encouraging physical play, exploration and analytical thinking about social and personal issues.

The project group visited the local area and visited IFALL networks including; Caprifolen Voltage Club, Örkelljunga Education Centre, Forum Örkelljunga, Örkelljunga Music School. 


The project will continue for 2 years and will next meet in Australia in November. 

Filmprojekt: Filmpremiär

Den 2 november hade IFALL den första aktiviteten i filmprojektet. Vi träffades på Hjelmsjövik och tittade på olika kortfilmer för att inspirera ungdomarna till att göra egna filmer. Vi hade popcorn och massor av skratt!

Vi tittade på olika filmer; Mr Bean, Pixar, animerade filmer, och en film om en ensamkommande som berättar om vägen till Sverige. Vi diskuterade idéer och teman för ungdomarnas egna filmer. 



Titta på filmer vi sett!  Vad tror du? Vilken är din favorit? 


Kommentera nedan!





Summer Activities 2016 in IFALL.


During last summer IFALL organized four activities in different areas: photography, music, art and football. Integration was the main goal and since the beginning we’ve had the support of the municipality. We’ve been working with local organizations and as Neco said “ IFALL needs to collaborate with other organizations in order to attract young people into IFALL. Therefore summer activities are a tool for IFALL to build a relationship with other cultural and sport organizations. Moreover it is important to arrange summer activities for local young people so that they can have meaningful free time activities. Young people learn in different ways therefore it can be good to have a variety in our activities such as drama, sport, music, photography and art”.

The activities started at the beginning of July and lasted until the beginning of August and during all the period Alhagie, Ali, Asmat, Cleo and Nassir helped us. They supported us in the practical part and they had an important role because of the language: they could speak Swedish and for this reason they create a bridge between the EVS volunteers and the participants.

More in details we can say:



João’s workshop took place on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of July, twice per day, at the library in Örkelljunga. The workshop consisted in teaching the basic photography to young kids. Many joined the activities and, as a result, we can say it worked well for the integration! In general João seems satisfied of the activity: “The workshop was really nice” – he said -“ it has been an opportunity to explore different possibilities with young kinds and an opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds. It has been fun for them and me as well. I’ve learned a lot and I hope they’ve also learned something”.14444722_10210453278917791_8314429371531522373_o



The STOMP workshop, which involved both music and drama, has been the result of the collaboration between IFALL and the Örkelljunga Music School. The workshop took place at the  Örkelljunga Musikskola on the 4th, 11th, 18th of July and the week 1st-4th August and at the Skånes Fagerhult parish on the 5th, 12th, 19th of July and the week 25th-28th of July. During all the activity Julius has been part of the team helping teaching music and translating the project

Tristan, the project creator, had a fulfilling experience with a lot of fun. “We’ve seen many smiles”, he likes to remember.
Mats Löfving, Principal at Örkelljunga Music School, thinks that “in the very important work of helping refuges with integration, Örkelljunga Music School have been fortunate to work with the voluntary organization Ifall. During the past summer we collaborated in a course in STOMP. I must say the course was a real success, largely due to the team from Ifall. The class consisted of a blend of Swedish citizens and newly arrived refugees. I truly hope Örkelljunga Music School will get the opportunity to work with Ifall again in the near future”.




Alhagie organized the football activity every Tuesday between 18:00-20:00 and in Örkelljunga. It was fun to play with both Swedish and refugees and, in particular, Alhagie thinks the organization of summer activities was a good idea that should be repeated in future too.


IFALL and Örkelljunga Konstförening planned an art workshop which took place on the 13th, 10th and 27th of July in Åsljunga and Skåne Fagerhult and on the 10th of August in Eket. Carmen, the responsible for the activity, thinks that “On the personal ground, summer workshop was specially gratifying cause I could develop artistic skills that I had rusty. You offer your knowledge of your skills (art) but also you receive their experiences and points of view, and that makes you more sensible and aware about reality.14468468_10210453356679735_1168008835750328106_o

Inside the project it was a luck to have volunteers from Boendet and I’m glad to have supported, with a great team, others to feel closer to cultural activities, usually Boendet and IFALL focus more in sport ones. So, definitely, I think IFALL should continue collaborating with the municipality and Konstforening. Kunstförening provided us a lot of material and Maria Roth has been really helpful”.



What will happen in 2017 summer? 

Successful end and implementation of the European youth exchange “Interculturality Reloaded”

Successful end and implementation of the European youth exchange “Interculturality Reloaded”

Young participants from Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Sweden took part on this transnational adventure that allowed them to discover and learn new theatre techniques to create a social impact and practiced through a public performance in Logroño, capital city of La Rioja.

“Interculturality Reloaded” was a Youth Exchange that took place between the 15th and the 22nd of August 2016 in Ezcaray (Spain) and that involved 45 young people from four partner organisations: Asociación Juvenil Teatral ON&OFF (Spanish coordinator), International Center for Development of Education and Training (Bulgaria), Calypso (Italy) and IFALL (Sweden). Thanks to this initiative funded under the Key Action 1 of the European programme Erasmus+, participants were able to share a week of activities on which they were the main responsible of a learning process that provided them new competences and knowledge on the use of theatre techniques for getting to know new cultures and creating open public events. The idea was not only to create a framework of intercultural dialogue, but also an open space that could allow participants to discover new communication channels, explore their bodies as interaction tools and let them find their limits and potential as actors to achieve a social and inclusive impact. Besides this, the programme also included teambuilding activities, energizers, intercultural workshops and visits to local authorities that made possible to learn the language, traditions and background of all the countries involved on the project.

In case you want to get more information about the project and its final performance, you can visit its website with photos, materials, posts and videos ( You can also follow the development of the project through its Facebook page  or contact IFALL by writing to


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ON&OFF (coordinator)


International Center for Development of Education and Training


Calypso – il teatro per il sociale


IFALL – Integration For Alla





My EVS experience

It has been a blast and it has been so fast!

I arrived in Sweden in April. It has been that long allready?
Full of bags, switching plains, trains and Bus to arrive in the little Örkelljunga.

I really didn´t know what to expect when i traveled here, other than it would change me somehow. And it did.

During this months here I met so many wonderfull people and I did so many things!
I made plans for the future, I gained new prespectives and learned so much in the process as well.

If I could tell something to my past self, 6 months ago, I would say “Explore all the possibilities! You will have an amazing time!!”.

And the place I´ve been living in…
Could it be any better??

Now that I´m reaching the end of this adventure I will take with me friendships, experiences and memories that I will never replace.

Thank you all for the great time, it has been an amazing journey!

*Without saying any names, you ALL have changed me somehow!


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Interculturality Reloaded, a transnational initiative to learn about the use of theater for the social change

Interculturality Reloaded, a transnational initiative to learn about the use of theater for the social change

Young participants from Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Sweden will meet from the 15/08/2016 to the 22/08/2016 in the village of Ezcaray (La Rioja, Spain), in order to take part in this European youth exchange that will explore different non formal and theater methodologies to allow its participants to learn drama techniques and its use as a tool for the social change.

“Interculturality Reloaded” is a Youth Exchange that will take place between the 15th and the 22nd of August 2016 in Ezcaray (Spain) and that will involve 45 young people from Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Sweden to promote interculturality as a tool for the social change needed nowadays at European level in order to achieve and inclusive and respectful society. Coordinated by the Spanish entity Asociación Juvenil ON&OFF and with the support of International Center for Development of Education and Training (Bulgaria), Calypso (Italy) and IFALL (Sweden), this project funded under the Key Action 1 of the European programme Erasmus+ will run a calendar of activities based on the use of non formal methodologies focused on theater and artistic techniques that will allow its participants to acquire a new knowledge in an easy and effective way. According to this, the project will not only promote the importance of interculturality in all the aspects of our everyday life, but will also intend that its participants could acquire new skills that cannot not be obtained through the traditional systems of education (communication on second languages, self entrepreneurship, creativity, physical expression, etc.). The project will also develop several visibility tools and a public performance that will be implemented in Logroño and that all the participants will create together during their stay in Ezcaray. Thanks to this performance, the project will multiply its impact and will be able to transfer to the local citizens of La Rioja the conclusions obtained during the whole exchange, showing how important interculturality is towards a more inclusive society.






ON&OFF (coordinator)



International Center for Development of Education and Training



Calypso – il teatro per il sociale



IFALL – Integration For Alla


In case you want to get more information about the project, you can visit its website that will be regularly updated during the exchange with photos, materials, posts and videos ( You can also follow the development of the project through its Facebook page ( or contact IFALL by writing to 

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