About the project:

Win Win.

The project aims to promote and empower refugee’s individuality through sports and eliminate gender barriers and segregation towards the participation of young people, adults and their families in certain sports. It will support refugee’s integration and social inclusion within their local community by bringing together local expert sport organizations across 3 European countries; England, Italy and Sweden. Each play an important role in the refugee crisis. Based on Antonovsky model and youth work methodology, this project will use sports as a tool to actively support refugees. It will create concrete co-working opportunities that will be maintained through Sensitization Training; Gender and Interculturality in Sports to youth workers within each country and equip them with the correct skills. This will also impact both male and female refugee young people’s and adults’ participation and by using a variety and diverse range of intriguing sports activities to increase inclusion.

Furthermore, it will produce useful dissemination tools such as a film series to promote inclusion of refugees into sports organizations and portray how involvement in sports can have a positive impact on community cohesion. Furthermore, to break down the language barrier within sports and increase participation a language booklet will be created.


UNITED KINGDOM LBU (Leeds Beckett University)


SWEDEN IFALL (Integration för Alla)

Leave No One Behind