Dare to Speak:

About the project:

Dare to Speak is a pilot project including a training course and local activities providing Turkish youth + community workers with creative media tools. From a local project we came to the realisation that vulunerable refugee and local people need further support before stepping in front of the camera to express their life story and think critically. Trainees with gain knowledge of “pre-films” artistic methods using theatre and art consquently transferring that knowledge to disadvantaged youth.




Objective 1:  increase young people’s motivation and participation with local organisations with confidence building and critical thinking
Objective 2: To reduce fear of judgement and increase the overall confidence of youth. It will also help to increase the beneficiaries resilience towards stressful situations and give them a meaning and direction in their lives and confidence to question the status quo.
Objective 3: For people who work with young people: increased knowledge and understanding of vulunerable people and how to use creativity, drama, art and theatre as a tool to benefit their lives.
Objective 4: Increase the expertise of the Faal Dernegi and their capacity to engage with different target groups
Objective 5: Give to Faal Dernegi the opportunity to learn from the training that will continue to develop and disseminate after the project has finished which gives the potential to adapt and design a new project the following year.
Objective 6: Increase the active participatio of women and girls within democracy.


Name: Dare to Speak: Confronting Injustice through creativity

Starts: 10/11/2019

Ends: 30/11/2020

Programme: Swedish Institute (Seed Fund)

Website: http://faal.org.tr/dare-to-speak-projesi/