All for one

About the project:




a 2-year project based on the values of social circus and artistic non-formal methodologies through gamification; a board game that will facilitate young people’s entrepreneurial ideas and enable them to write their own projects.

Social, physical, and artistic activities focus on creating an environment of communication and social relations. Circus, dance and drama help to build support networks for further developments that can sustain a joyful culture and tradition. One of our main focuses is to create a board game that discovers and improves physical, artistic and social abilities of children and young people creating different platforms for children to express themselves. The transformative power of the arts connected with the problem-based learning approach of a board game will support both emotional and social development and therefore increase social inclusive




Leeds Beckett Univesrity


Amy Foundation

West Side Circus

Faal Dernegi

Name: All for one

Starts : September 2021

Ends: August 2023

Programme: Erasmus Plus Capacity Builidng

Website: Coming Soon