4 girls


KAFAMIZA GÖRE/AFTER OUR’ OWN HEART            Tesettüre girmeyi tercih ettiğimde on bir yaşındaydım.‘O yaşta kendin tercih etmemişsindir.’ diyenleri duyar gibiyim.Tıpkı o zamanlar duyduğum gibi. When i decided to wearing hijab i was eleven. I seem to hear the people who say you can not be

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Preparing for the new term

  It’s January 16th as I write this. We’re all getting back from the winter break in dribs and drabs now and warming back up into the new year. At the circus end of things, we’re investigating what kinds of props we can access to

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Sebastian’s Introduction

Good morning IFALL, I’m Sebastian & along with Madhavi I’ve been brought from Australia to facilitate social circus in your neighbourhood. It’s my third day in Sweden as I write this & I imagine you might like to know a little about me. I’m almost

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Life as an Aussie in EVS

2018….! How time flies. I’ve been here for exactly two months, quite a lot has been accomplished. In the last two months of 2017, my work colleague Sebastian and I have helped produce a musical with the children from Caprifolen; replacing their vaulting scenes with

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My first days in Orkelljunga…

My first week in Orkelljunga was too fast! Different culture, many feelings, meeting new people. I came here by plane from Istanbul to Copenhagen. The night before come here I was excited, cause I’ll be almost a whole year far of my country, family and

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Kadın olmak – Be a woman.

For English please scroll down Türkçede bekaretin bozulmasıyla eş anlamda kullanılan, dişi kişinin önüne sürekli engeller çıkartan durumdur. Karşınızdaki bir grup insanın “sen kadınsın, elinin hamuruyla bulaşma” bakışı, deyişidir. Çocukluktan itibaren yaşıtımız erkekler sürekli şımartılırken bizim sürekli  “sen uslu uslu otur” laflarini işitmemizdir. Ergenlik döneminin

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