“Vad har filmprojektet gjort och vad ska vi göra?”

Vår 3-månaderssammanfattning; Filmprojektets andra år började i oktober 2017 med Minna, Ali och Charlotte som tillsammans planerar för det kommande året. Vi träffade vid flera tillfällen under oktober för att planera och slutföra aktiviteterna nedan. De blev en stor framgång! Filmprojektgruppen hade en fantastisk social

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Dreaming Out Loud Public Event – Democracy in Sweden

  Last weekend IFALL promoted the event “Democracy in Sweden”. Integrated in the project Dreaming Out Loud, IFALL invited the local youth to discuss and debate around the Democratic process and access in Sweden. During the event we also took the time to make an

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The Consequences of Discrimination

I’ve been fortunate enough not to have been discriminated in a professional environment because of my gender. There may have been a few minor cases where I had been in a general environment but I hadn’t noticed or it wasn’t significant enough; which is still

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4 girls


KAFAMIZA GÖRE/AFTER OUR’ OWN HEART            Tesettüre girmeyi tercih ettiğimde on bir yaşındaydım.‘O yaşta kendin tercih etmemişsindir.’ diyenleri duyar gibiyim.Tıpkı o zamanlar duyduğum gibi. When i decided to wearing hijab i was eleven. I seem to hear the people who say you can not be

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Preparing for the new term

  It’s January 16th as I write this. We’re all getting back from the winter break in dribs and drabs now and warming back up into the new year. At the circus end of things, we’re investigating what kinds of props we can access to

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