on the way to found branch of IFALL

We were in a meeting with IHAD (Human Right Research Association) in order to speak about how to build branch and what kind of documents we need. Necmettin Meletli had project work with IHAD last year. Therefore it was very enjoyable and productive meeting. Me,

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Erasmus Plus Smarter

Here comes how to write smarter project with smarter goal. As you know it is coming new EU program which name is Erasmus Plus and here one video explain how to come in i process with a project. people around the world are doing their

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Ifall Turkey

hello everybody My name is Mehmet. I’m board member at IFALL in Turkey. I’m also student and I learn English. I’m not good at Engish but I wanted to introduce myself. I’m 22 years old. I like playing football. I live in Ankara. I have

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