Here I am!

Hello, I’m María.
I’m from Madrid. Last year, I started to study Social Integration in Madrid. This year I decided that I should leave from my comfort zone. I began doing my practices in a school with children between 12 to 20 years old. It was the first time that I worked with guys, and as you can, probably know, these ages are so delicate. Now, I can see that I have never imagined that I will learn a lot of things with them. I have seen how you can influence in their lifes and the importance to communicate with them.
Being in Sweden is an opportunity to know the complications that refugees and immigrants can be living, specially at the moment. The world is a place for everyone. For that, it’s interesting to find places that offer a multicultural meeting space and integration between different cultures. We must end with the stereotypes.
About myself, I’m the third in the row. I have a brother and a sister. I think this is positive because I can learn about my brethren mistasdgekes.  I  always have their help and they try to protect me
I did a volunteer before with children in Morocco and this experience gave me the skills to take care of people. Because when you are out of your comfort zone you can empathize and heed things that, in other situation, you wouldn’t think about it.
I’m cheerful, organized and generous. I love nature and learn with people. Otherwise I overthink, I’m little bit shy and self-conscious. In spite of, I learn early and I try to keep being positive.
Well, for me it’s a pleasure to be able to work with IFALL and I’m grateful for that. I hope all is going well.
Have a nice day,

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