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today in the blog I want to write about the activities that we have in Klippan. IFALL Klippan started with the activities there this year. Nowadays we have every week two activities, one is about sports and the other is more cultural. In both of the activities the participants are teenagers from Klippan or near to Klippan.

On Tuesday, it takes place “Cultural Café”, every week they prepare a different game or dinamic. The main objective of this activity is to create a meeting point for teenagers who come from differents cultures, have fun together and make easier them to meet new people.11224351_1063874676956652_6649449441275781608_o Is a good moment to join swedish people and practice the language too and at the same time have fun and make something different.

Here I show you some pictures of this activity.



This Tuesday is going to be especial because Christmas is close so they are going to prepare an “International Christmas Table”, it consist of having dinner together. Everyone is invited and you can bring a typical dish from your own country so, that way, we taste of each other and know more about the culture and the food of other countries. If you want to join us this activity is going to take place on 8th of december at 17:00h in “tegelbruksskolan” in Klippan.


The other activity we have in Klippan takes place on Fridays and is a sport activity. We spend more or less two hours playing differents sports as Volleyboll or Footboll. In this activity12038262_10153220123262462_4445078134077021626_n the participants are teenagers too and girls and boys play together every week. The objective is have fun it doesn´t matter if you are good or not at sports. The activity start at 18:00h and finish at 20:00h in the sports complex “Antilopen”.





If you want to join to some of these activities you can find more information in the facebook page: IFALL Klippan, there you have all the information and every week they post the activities which are going to take place.









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