1. Action 1 (A1) (January – December)  it will continue throughout the project and even after the project has ended.
  2. Action 2 (A2) Skype Meetings; after project approval, all project partners will meet together and discuss the whole project. This will ensure a strong project team dynamic and a good understanding of the projects aim and objectives. The Skype meeting will continue every third month for the while duration of the project.
  1. TM 1: Kick Off Meeting (Sweden); 1 people per organisation (1 project coordinator). Every organisation to come with a prepared list with possible stakeholders, sports clubs and associated partner. We will go through the project Gantt and all project activities and future actions. We will plan and draft of the Video and the Booklet.
  2. A3 Meeting with stakeholders and refugee reception centres (January- March) (In each local context; Sweden, Italy and England). Research about the needs of the organisation and the centres and how the actions of the project can support their organisation. We will all attempt to connect with their target group; refugee young people.
  3. A4 Sensitization Training; Gender and Interculturality in Sport. (Sweden – March/April)  This will be a sports based TC 3 people per country; these people can be youth workers, sport leader who will transfer the training to other local sport leaders. The training will be transferred locally to 10 sports leaders; 2 leaders per 5 local sports organisation. The training course will be 16 hours in total per participant with the main focus of gender equality and working with diversity in sports. It will dedicate time to social inclusion through sport, specific focus on the Salutegenis model and integration. The final part of the training with be a 3 hour event in the local refugee centre where the youth leaders and sports coaches will organise a sports session and use what they have learnt with the local refugees and asylum seekers. This will then be transferable to the other youth workers, sports coaches and volunteers in each partner country as they have real practical experience.
  4. A5 Local Activities in April/May/June/July Local activities within each partner country making use of the networks and stakeholders.

Italy; Cycling, Athletics and volleyball.

UK: Football, Rugby and outdoor education

Sweden; Volleyball, Orienteering and Voltage

Evaluation/Discussion Meeting with local leaders and sports leaders about booklet, video and activities.

  1. TM 2 Meeting (England) July  

One Youth worker person per organisation. All organisations will present the results from their local training evaluation. We will also plan the Booklet and the Video (Educational Tool); Sports based booklet for refugees; 3 project partner project language, different languages

  1. A6 Creation of Booklet and Video August- October

Each organisation is responsible for a certain section of the booklet. This will be agreed within the project meeting in July. Each organisation will be responsible for translating into their national language. Each organisation will use their own resources to translate into the other languages. This could potentially be a task for integrated and settled refugees young people as a way to give back and support the project.

  1. TM 3    Meeting (Italy) October

This meeting will be to finalise the booklet and WIN-WIN film series. It will include 1 person per organisation. It will be an opportunity to adjust and amend anything at this stage.

  1. A7 Tournament or sport event

Each organisation will choose a sport which has been realised previously in the local activity. This should be an open event for all young people, all genders and backgrounds. This will be a positive platform where all young people of any gender can be involved.

This will be one within each country so a total of 3 Tournaments or sports event. It will a total of 400 people across each country.

  1. A8 Multiplier Event (December)

Each organisation should complete a multiplier event in December. It should involve at least 15 people, which are professionals who work with refugees, through sports or other tools.

This will involve a total of 50 people. It will disseminate the project results through each organisation’s local network. It will also be live streamed on each organisations webpage or social media platform. 

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