IFALL takes part in international projects to learn more from others and increase our competencies. We want to be able to develop ourselves and create new ideas within our organisation. International Projects are a great motivation for IFALL.

International Projects allow us to adapt ourselves to different target groups and topics that are important within the world today. It helps us to keep the passion within our work and keep it “Alive”. We are PROUD to be part of IFALL and excited to be doing something with the whole world. IFALL needs these projects to progress and develop. It enables IFALL to experience new things that we wouldn’t be able to do without international projects. It allows us to connect with other local organisations. International Projects is the main financial support for IFALL. Without these project we wouldn’t be able to employ people within the organisation.

The projects enable us to create different resources and tools that we can use within our work and local activities. It therefore allows us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of IFALL and understand what skills we can give to other organisations and what we can learn from others. The project also have a positive impact on the local communities; Örkelljunga and Klippan. It helps to increase the visibility of these small towns and make them known globally. It also increases the visibility of IFALL as a whole. We are a relatively new organisation compared to others and international project has allowed us develop and spread our impact faster and more effectively.



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