Description : We Let You In
The “Declaration on Promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-
discrimination through education” of March 2015 identified the risks for the future of European
youngsters and the Union itself posed by marginalization and lack of opportunities for young people,
called for a joint effort of all EU countries to promote youth participation by ensuring inclusive
education, combating geographical, social and educational inequalities by fostering education of
disadvantaged young people.
The present project is a strategic cooperation among 3 NGOs from throughout Europe directly
engaged in supporting disadvantaged categories of NEET youths through the management of Youth
Centers as specialized facilities wherein disadvantaged young people are involved in recreational
and educational activities delivered through NFE targeted at empowering them with soft skills,
employability skills, civic and social competences.

Full Title: We Let you In
Start: 01-03- 2017
End: 28-02- 2019
Programme: Erasmus Plus
Sub Programme: KA2 Youth
Specific Objectives;
– Fostering empowerment and inclusion of disadvantaged NEET youngsters through international
mobility, peer-interaction and Non Formal Education.
– Raise awareness among policy-makers, NGOs, stakeholders and the general public about the role of
Youth Centers as hybrid structures (recreational/educational) supporting youth integration and
development (in particular of the most disadvantaged youth categories) through NFE and as such
narrowing disparities and gaps left by the formal education system).
– Exchange knowledge, best practices and NFE tools among NGOs from different European countries as a
means to collect national/cultural backpacks and toolkits of NFE in order to improve professionalism of
youth workers, variety and quality of educational activities delivered in Youth Centers with a view to
enhancing quality and effectiveness of youth work in Europe.

We Let you In