Description : Tell Me
YOung Migrant Entrepreneurs – The project aims at providing information, training and support to
migrants, especially the young ones coming from war-torn countries, in order to help them
establishing their own business. This is a pilot project, i.e. an initiative of an experimental nature
designed to test the feasibility of a new approach. All the partners are dealing with migrants and/or
with entrepreneurship training: the project idea is to share, calibrate and adapt the best practices
and services that each of them already implement, modelising a new approach/set of tools, with
high European added value and replicable, and testing them. The test will be done at European level
(about 60 people in 3 countries: IT, DE,

Full Title: Tell Me
Start: 01/03/2017
End: 01-03- 2019
Programme: GROW-EIP- GEN
Sub Programme: Entrepreneurial capacity building for young migrants
Website; –
Specific Objectives;
The objectives of our project are:
• to create a dedicated platform / responsive website (not only app) useful to the user from the start
till the end of its learning
path (gamification, calendar, downloadable materials), with social features able to make learners get
and keep in touch /
exchange knowledge / make business together / let people know about their success stories
• Open the platform to the other beneficiaries of grants (to be valorized in WP4)
• Creation of networks of companies set up by the migrants and value chains (subjects to be
foreseen in the training
• Selecting some mentors from internationalized companies (they are more open minded, can
appreciate mentoring of
migrants, internationalized companies have more chances of surviving, can offer models replicable
in other countries, …)
• Peer review system with associated partners: inviting a representative of relevant
Institutions/Organizations in the
transnational meetings – costs charged in the budget of the partner for those countries, which do
not host the meetings;
involvement of local experts for the other partners. At least 1 peer reviewer each partner with letter
of support for the project.
• Mapping some services for the target group (free of charge language training, skills certification,

Tell Me
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