Description : Safer Places Hopeful Refugees
Migration is one of the important issues of our century. Every year millions of people all around the world are
forced to flee their homes because of different displacement reasons such as; poverty, war, persecution social
and political exclusion or searching for a better life. We are all affected from this migrant flow directly and
indirectly. More than 43 million people world-wide are now forcibly displaced, the highest number since mid-
1990s. As our societies are becoming more various because of migration tendencies, more people started to
live in multicultural societies. The increasing number of refugees’ population call the need of some issues such
as, social integration, tolerance, non-discrimination, solidarity, public health etc.
With the project; meetings to establish and strengthen the network between local authorities and NGO’s in
order to mobilize local resources in each partner country to help refugees and asylum seekers.
With the help of transnational meetings and training activities of the project, a contribution to the social
integration of refugees as well as the contribution to the efforts to reduce th deaths of refugees and asylum
seekers in the sea crossing, will be made by improving the skills and knowledge of relevant organisations staff
and sharing of best practices.
Full Title: Dialogue with other
Start: 01-09- 2016
End: 31-08- 2018
Programme: Erasmus Plus
Sub Programme: KA2 Adult
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Specific Objectives;
The objectives of our project are:
– to enhance the capacity of the organisations working for refugees and also the skills of their staff.
– to strengthen sustainable development and solidarity at a global level.
– to promote international cooperation and intercultural communication.
– to enhance improvements on social inclusion and equal opportunities for refugees.
– to develop networks and links al local, national and international levels.

Safer Places Hopeful Refugees
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