Land of Hope

Rebuilding the lives in the land of hope

The main groups of irregular migrants and refugees coming to the countries in the project consist of transit migrants, refugees and asylum seekers coming for safety needs and work purposes. Transit migrants and refugees are from the Middle East, Asia (mostly from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh) and Africa (mostly from Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria and D.R. Congo) and are fleeing civil wars or economic collapse and poverty; they usually enter the hosting or transit countries illegally. While some of them apply for asylum, the majority try to use Turkey, Greece, Italy or Slovenia as a stopover on their way to the West. Therefore in the recent years the refugee crisis has been one of the main issues that EU has to deal with and overcome. The solutions to this current issue must be handled transnationally.

By the project we focus on the social and economic integration of refugees in the hosting countries which are involved in the project. Through the Project it is aimed to implement a succession of activities that promote the integration of the refugees in the host society and at the same time fight against its exclusion. Implementing the project, it is aimed to view integration as a flexible and multidimensional process implying not only the refugees’ adaptation to the host society.

The project is aimed to promote equity and inclusion by facilitating the access to participants with disadvantaged backgrounds and fewer opportunities including migrants, refugees, asylum seekers who have linguistic adaptation and cultural inclusion difficulties in the hosting society, people with limited social skills, basic skills and key competences as mentioned in Erasmus+ Programme Guide for 2016. We address the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants and plan to increase awareness about social integration within local communities by offering learning opportunities for the target groups.


  • Full title: LAND OF HOPE – Rebuilding the lives in the land of hope
  • Start: 2016/09/01
  • Finish: 2018/08/31
  • Programme: ERASMUS+
  • Sub-Programme: Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships
  • Website:


Rebuilding the lives in the land of hope
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