Europeans are growing unemployed. There is also an increase in the proportion of women retiring from
the labor market, and the level of employment for men and women is different. These are not the only
phenomena of women on the labor market and in society. The most disadvantaged are women with
disabilities, low education, immigrants, or those living in poverty.
The transnational project “Networking for improvement, independency and entrepreneurship to
disadvantaged women” is the answer to the problems of social inequalities and low professional activity
of women.
Through in-depth research, data development, cooperation with local institutions, NGOs, and above all
work and meetings with women at risk of social exclusion, the project will positively impact the situation
of many people: project participants, organisations, local communities, decision-making institutions. The
project also aims to draw attention to the issues of women’s entrepreneurship and equal participation in
civil society.
To achieve this, partners will provide appropriate vocational training and comprehensive support for
disadvantaged women (project participants). We will also create a friendly and engaging space for
collaboration, learning and contact between all project participants. The project is being implemented in
partnership with: FUNDACION CIBERVOLUNTARIOS (Spain) Associazione Moltivolti Capovolti (Italy) Ilce
Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (Turkey) Integration För Alla (Sweden)

Full Title: Networking for improvement independency and entrepreneurship to disadvantaged women
Start: 01.09.2015
End: 01.09.2017
Programme: Erasmus Plus
Sub Programme: KA2 Adult

Specific Objectives;
National Treasures has four objectives:
– gather data, references and information on policy and institutional environment, projects, programs
and research on needs of the target group and previous activities and projects prepared in the field,
– identify needs and barriers to set up successful mentoring programs that will support and lead our
target group,
– focus on the need to provide training and support for the target group who are disadvantaged
– implement a friendly environment for women to become involved in educational and
entrepreneurial activities and work life,
– create a holistic approach that consist of training, support through mentoring and networking,
– provide supportive network, give them means to reach out to others by social networking and a
dedicated Facebook group,
– create steering groups to focus on the problems of the target groups and involve stakeholders in
providing solutions.

Networking for Women
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